Portrait Anna-Maria Windhofer
Formerly employed as an orthoptist at a hospital and at an ophthalmologist, and now working as academic staff for the Bachelor’s degree program orthoptics at the UAS Campus Vienna, Anna-Maria’s background knowledge stems from a variety of disciplines: after having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in orthoptics, where she specialized in orthoptic rehabilitation for central vision disorders, she continued her academic journey with a Master’s degree in health management. Her current focal point being a Master’s program for digital healthcare, she began to value the interconnected nature of both fields of health and technology as well as the transfer of knowledge and experience between these two disciplines.  
Her ongoing striving to embark on new learning adventures led her to the highly interesting field of digital innovations and ideas in the public health sector. Adding to that, she envisions herself as part of a community whose joint mission is the exploration and improvement of innovative solutions in medical prevention and therapy.