Portraits Carmen Takats
Carmen started her career as a speech therapist in the clinic in Mistelbach and was then employed in the clinic in St. Pölten. There she made her first experience with Cochlear Implants. Since 2018 she is fully self-employed and is working in a group practice as speech therapist and as a consultant for Cochlear Austria. Cochlear is a company based in Australia, which develops hearing implants like CI’s. Carmen’s main task is to test the CI during surgery and to perform first fittings as well as follow up appointments with the patients to adjust their sound processor settings. In the speech therapy practice she also performs hearing training for CI-users. Furthermore, Carmen offers horse assisted therapy with her islandic horse Flugar. 
Carmen knows from her experience how important and continually increasing the connection between healthcare and IT is. Therefore, she started the master’s degree for digital healthcare at the FH St. Pölten. She would like to be part of a community which shares the vision of improvement and innovation in the health care system.